6. Back to Bed

"Back to Bed" explores the emotional toll of long-term trauma and the cumulative effects of feeling disconnected from society. The slow and repetitive motion of the chords in G Modal tuning create a trance-like backdrop for the lyrics, which paint a vivid picture of someone who is struggling to cope. The song explores the emotions of disappointment, embarrassment, and hopelessness before shifting focus to the small pleasures that help to provide relief from these emotions. We hear the narrator of the song slowly remembering her own ‘resource bank’ and getting ready to take some beginning steps towards feeling better.

Further Resources

Fairchild, R. and Mcferran, K.S. (2018) ‘Understanding Children’s Resources in the Context of Family Violence through a Collaborative Songwriting Method’, Children Australia, 43(4), pp. 255–266. Available at: https://doi.org/10.1017/cha.2018.45.

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