7. Moonshine


"Moonshine" is a song that explores the theme of seduction through the lens of the female experience. The concept of seduction is often associated with femininity and witchcraft, with women being accused of using their power to entice and control men. In the #MeToo era, this narrative has been challenged as it puts the responsibility of men's actions on women. "Moonshine" aims to reverse this dynamic by imagining a scenario in which a woman takes an active role in seduction.

The song's title refers to illegal alcohol and its association with inhibition-lowering effects, which have been linked to alcohol-facilitated rape. The Witch in the song uses "Moonshine" as a tool for seduction, playing with the idea of supernatural retribution. The vocal style of the song uses chiaroscuro, a technique that balances light and dark tones, adding to the seductive atmosphere of the song.

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