10. Freedom

The final song of the album explores the concept of personal agency and transformative power. The lyrics describe a journey of self-discovery and the realisation that we often possess abilities and strengths that we never knew existed. The imagery of hiding wings and casting spells in the darkness is both magical and empowering, evoking a sense of freedom and possibility.

In ‘Freedom’, the refrain consists of arpeggiated, finger-picked guitar chords which ascend and descends in pitch, building to a climax and then coming back down again, signifying the peaks and troughs of the singer’s emotional journey.

The song is inspired by the idea that witchcraft can be a tool for women to imagine and create a world where they are free from the physical and psychological constraints of the patriarchy. By tapping into their own power, women can transform their emotional landscape and embark on the next stage of their journey with confidence and hope.

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